ARIA momentum trade

Tried a trade today in ARIA and this just faded quick right after entry.  Very disappointing.  I cut the trade as quickly as I could.  The momentum and volume looked like it was there and then all of a sudden nobody was bidding up the stock and I just took the loss.

Here is what I was seeing in the trade.   Broke through that 6.75 level and I bought ITM $5.50 calls at $1.29.  Chased it a hair because the volume was there.  I bought right on the exact break of that trendline.  It continued higher and I was green in the options and then 4 candles later…. WOOSH a massive sell came in on the stock and killed the momentum.  At that point it was damage control and I exited as quickly as I could.



-$367 loss.


Account balance today stands at $8085.20 (+$3085.20 +61.7% ROI)


2 thoughts on “ARIA momentum trade”

  1. ARIA screwed u man…sorry to hear. Every day I make trades I wish I would have held. Shoulda, coulda, woulda….don’t worry man, I’m confident u will get the 100k!

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